2018 Programme

It starts from the roots. More events coming soon ...

SARAWAK: An Indigenous Journey

The Waterfront Hotel

A spectacle, a trip, a celestial passage – plunging back to the roots of nature. Rainforest Fringe Festival presents the preview of Sarawak: An Indigenous Journey.

First People Party

Black Box, Borneo744

Celebrating the “orang asal” with an atmospheric evening of performances, featuring the exhilarating Electric Fields alongside Sarawak’s own (and RFF2017 favourites) At Adau and Pete Kallang.

Other Highlights

The Market


The best of Sarawakian artisanal products: wood and bamboo designs and crafts, antiques, exotic plants, books, fashion, food, and more.

The Rainforest Stories

The Old Courthouse

A set of screenings of films and documentaries that pay homage to Sarawakian culture.



The Old Courthouse

National Geographic Society Fellow Chris Rainier exhibits Tattoos, a photography collection focusing on world tribal tattoos, showcasing how human skin can become “a map of culture and myth, a sacred geography of the soul”.

Ancient Trees

The Old Courthouse

The magnificent exhibition by Beth Moon, showing stunning natural photography of the world’s oldest trees. Her photographs have been internationally celebrated, described as “a collection of beautiful, stoic images that feel suspended in time.”-WIRED

Forgotten Beauty

The Old Courthouse

Forgotten Beauty is an exhibition of stunning, intricate portraits of Sarawakian tribal elders. The paintings draw attention to specific, unique adornments symbolic to the elders’ tribes, including tattoos, stretched earlobes, and styles of dress.

Borneo People: A Photographic Journey

The Old Courthouse

Dennis Lau presents Borneo People: A Photographic Journey, a rare exhibition of Sarawak’s native people, photographed by a man granted an unusual insight into the indigenous communities.

An Introduction to the White Ranee

The Old Courthouse

This exhibition explores the extraordinary life and pioneering efforts of Margaret De Windt, a key figure in the early history of Sarawak’s progress.

The Carpenter Street

Carpenter Street

Siew Thiam Lok presents an open gallery drawing attention to the history and future of the famous Carpenter Street, with the photographs on display on the street.


Forbidden Fruits


An installation of large, surreal woven fruits, created by several indigenous female weaving communities working with the leading luminaries of Sarawak design.

Sarawakia Malpighiales Wallacei

The Old Courthouse / Borneo744

A great, glass sculpture of a flower, specially designed and produced to pay tribute to the British naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace who did extensive fieldwork in the Malay Archipelago.

Forgotten Forest

Black Box, Borneo744

A striking tree root sculpture installation with video mapping, drawing attention to the sustainability issues facing the tropical rainforests of Borneo.

Other Events

Cyanotype Workshop


A unique photographic printing workshop based on a process invented in 1842, which required sunlight to create a cyanotype. Use traditional methods and materials to make your own postcard.

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